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This blog is dedicated to preserving Asheville, NC's largest wooded green space, Richmond Hill Park, from becoming an athletic field complex and National Guard armory. If you want to Save this wooded park WRITE, CALL or email all City Council and Parks and Recreation TODAY. TEll them you oppose the ball fields in this unique, hilly and amazing wooded park. There are better places for ball fields than in the exceptional city park.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

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At 10:58 AM, Blogger Ken Abbott said...

Honorable Mayor Bellamy -
I'm writing to voice opposition to development of Richmond Hill Park for Armory and ballfields. This is a valuable bit of open space for Asheville - exactly the kind of place that, as development continues for the area, must be maintained as Open Space in perpetuity. Not only is this kind of preservation important for natural biodiversity, it is important in maintaining the quality of life so important to Asheville's residents (especially new residents, many of whom come here for just such quality of life reasons.)
I understand that Open Space costs money. In Boulder, CO (where I moved from four years ago) and along the Front Range of Colorado in general, local populations have been willing to support tax increases to pay for purchasing and maintaining Open Space parks, just like what is now Richmond Hill Park. These Open Space parks are heavily used by the highly urbanized residents of the area. They provide a critical locus for walking and enjoying nature, as well as for the areas wildlife.
The kind of development being proposed for Richmond Hill Park must become a thing of the past, as we seek to maintain valuable pockets of open space within Asheville city limits, and within Buncombe County as well.
If you'd like to see more information about Boulder and Colorado Open Space programs, here is a web link.

Sincerely, Ken Abbott
West Asheville


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