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This blog is dedicated to preserving Asheville, NC's largest wooded green space, Richmond Hill Park, from becoming an athletic field complex and National Guard armory. If you want to Save this wooded park WRITE, CALL or email all City Council and Parks and Recreation TODAY. TEll them you oppose the ball fields in this unique, hilly and amazing wooded park. There are better places for ball fields than in the exceptional city park.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Armory Changes Plans

On Feb. 26, 2006 the National Guard Armory submitted final plans for review by Technical Review Committee. This Armory has changed the design of their buildings and the access point.

Instead of armory personnel accessing the armory mainly through Richmond Hill Road, now ALL TRAFFIC (armory, ball complex, disc golfers, and all trail users) WILL TRAVEL THE FULL LENGTH OF RICHMOND HILL DRIVE, and armory personnel will double back (at about the clay flat at hole 16) and head back parallel to Richmond Hill Drive to reach the armory (current disc golf location).

These plans will increase the amount of traffic traveling through the full length of the neighborhood. Adding noise, air, and light pollution to the neighborhood, and adding risk to neighborhood residents.

Here are the new plans: (problems with host site, will post soon)


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