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This blog is dedicated to preserving Asheville, NC's largest wooded green space, Richmond Hill Park, from becoming an athletic field complex and National Guard armory. If you want to Save this wooded park WRITE, CALL or email all City Council and Parks and Recreation TODAY. TEll them you oppose the ball fields in this unique, hilly and amazing wooded park. There are better places for ball fields than in the exceptional city park.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A short list of the birds in Richmond Hill Park

Here is a short list of bird species that can be found in Richmond Hill Park. This is just the begining of the neotropical song bird migrations, so more species are arriving daily. Come check them out, Richmond Hill Park is perhaps the best place to go birdwatching in the city.

I will try to post some pictures of these birds in a few days

Pileated woodpecker

Red-bellied woodpecker

Hairy woodpecker

Downy woodpecker

Blue-headed vireo

Yellow-throated vireo

Blue jay

American crow

Tufted titmouse

Carolina chickadee

White-breasted nuthatch

Carolina wren

Wood thrush

Golden-crowned kinglet

Ruby-crowned kinglet

Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Yellow-rumped warbler

Black-and-white warbler

American redstart


Hooded warbler

Chestnut-sided warbler

Pine warbler

Scarlet tanager

Northern cardinal

Eastern towhee

Song sparrow

American Goldfinch

Thank you for you help in compiling this Dr. Petranka


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