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This blog is dedicated to preserving Asheville, NC's largest wooded green space, Richmond Hill Park, from becoming an athletic field complex and National Guard armory. If you want to Save this wooded park WRITE, CALL or email all City Council and Parks and Recreation TODAY. TEll them you oppose the ball fields in this unique, hilly and amazing wooded park. There are better places for ball fields than in the exceptional city park.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Recomendations for Advisory Council and Legal Protection

<>Dr. Hauser's recommendations:

" Most park districts use some type of ecological - environmental advisory committee so as to evaluate unique natural resources and offer advise on matters of environmental stewardship." "Such committees consist of 5-7 scientists who are familiar with the ecology and environmental biology of a given ecoregion."

"The ecologically sensitive wetland communities and upland core habitat they interface with should be protected and preserved by the use of deed restrictions or conservation easements. These should be established in perpetuity."

Our city's Parks and Recreation departments does not have this type of committee, but will hopefully develop one to address the ecological needs of Richmond Hill and future Parks

Building multiuse trails, for hiking, nature watching, and jogging are in the works, and will be important parts of park development.

Many of these ecological concerns should have been addressed months/ years ago, and a committee like this would have saved time and money..

I'm excited about the park opening again, and the spring wildflowers will be blooming before you know it. Volunteers will be needed to help bring the park together, build trails and make signs.

Thank you everyone for you help and support. We have a great forested parkwithin our city, with beauty and diversity that makes its an "ecological gem". I hope to see you in the park when it opens.


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